Zenith FTP  3-D  Scanner   


  • Material Analysis (Deformation monitoring and Interference/clash      detection). 
  • Scanner data processing and transfer.
  • Quality inspection consulting.
  • Laser Scanning As-built conditions to compare to design intent.
  • 3D structures modeling and visualization.
  • Planning of structural alterations.
  • Dimensional layout of construction planning.
  • Forensic studies.
  • Reverse engineering and prototype analysis.
  • Construction phases quality control.
  • Virtual lights simulations.


3D Scanner at  Miami Florida USA 

Coral Gables City Hall 3D model from a 3D scanner

Coral Gables City Hall, FL

Render made from a point cloud taken by a 3D scanner.

In today's world of fast changes in technology, and all manner of hyper connectivity, it seem as if some persons and companies might not be aware of what happens every day in the world of architecture and engineering.

Engineers, Architects and Surveyors can reduce or eliminate costly return site visits by capturing millions of unique data points. With more accurate information that is Geo-referenced, High Definition Scanner provides the ability to create as-built and topographic surveys without return site visits, freeing you to do more work, more effectively.

Using HDS you can collect information on a structure in its current condition without significant disruption to the people who need to use the facility–offering the building owner a savings in worker down-time. And now, architectural firms are using scanning data to create an as-built BIM model faster than when starting with an older CAD file or even worse–a printed document. Having true representation of the building as it stands today, rather than relying on the final construction documents, is more valuable because it depicts changes that have occurred since the documents were originally drafted.

  • Cost Deliver: projects of long-term value within justifiable, bench-marked budgets

  • End to End Solutions: assist to companies to meet their objectives

  • Quality Deliver: buildings and structures that continue the Zenith FTP tradition of high quality

  • Schedule Deliver: projects in a timely manner

  • Sustainability: Enhance environmental performance on both new projects and renovations

We can work according to customer request, not all needs are the same or similar, different firm different field and therefore particular projects and demand.